Monday, July 18, 2011

Sorry for abandoning Blogger , not like this was anymore than a personal escape at times
But if anyone still wants to put up with me then join me on tumblr , my new drag :P
Well, honestly it'd feel nice to know that someone actually read my crap :P
Also hope to return to Blogger sometime :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sorry but false rotten promises dance on my lips now...
Sorry but I hate those tunes that once haunted our evenings...
Sorry I can't even remember the sound of your voice..
Sorry but I've embraced ignorance, innocence is only pretense ..
Sorry I chose this life for me over what we once loved

Now I'd smile to hurt you
I won't count my days cuz I can't rewind time
I'd never hope for you to find me ...
No rebel , no fight, only acceptance ....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Too much contemplating ...

When you mull over even the most random and simplest things in your life, you tend to become depressed.
And you'll realize ...
Google and Twitter are an indispensable part of your life now (never Facebook)
Even Twilight makes you depressed (I'm still trying not to believe this)
Your iPod Touch is the most boring piece of technology without WiFi
Even 8.70 GB worth of music is repetitive
You're totally over all the crushes n silly infatuations
You're running out of the passion that once defined your insanity
Your phone bills are pretty minimal
You don't remember the last good movie you watched
You haven't stayed up all night for reading marathons or talking over the phone for ages
Your car drinks only 20 liters of petrol a month cuz most of the time it is on hibernation , now you vouch for public transport system of Mumbai
You're losing that wild crazy imaginative streak you once possessed (that once possessed you actually)
The world is running out of petroleum cuz it is accidentally spilling in the ocean very often
The world is running out of cute n decent HUMAN guys (n the sparkly ones are out there somewhere but HELLO your life is too short to keep waiting )
Regardless , Life goes on .....

Well, a lot of things have happened in the past few months.
Today I'm writing exactly a month after Alice , my kitten passed away. She was only a week old and hadn't even opened her eyes, but she was a feisty lil tigress. She was my baby but then she had a better place to choose and I know she's healthy, strong n happy there.

Again, thanks for bearing with me and my angsty n silly blogs :P
Ciao ! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


All my imaginations failed.
My mind could've never fathomed that it would feel ....

like the last drop of rain
The brightest of all lights in the universe bleeding into me

like being saved from the greatest fall , the millionth miracle
that moment I was a bird, flying much above the Northern Star , in the absence of void

In a place where light bent and time ceased ... only this was not a blackhole or any alternate reality

When she came nothing else mattered , she was the Truth ...

At that moment , my grip faltered but she smiled at me .
Her beauty destroyed me and released me before I knew it
I fell into Her arms and She took me away....

away from my body .... away from those grieving hearts ....away from this world .

P.S. : I love reviews

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vivification ... VIDHIfication ?

" Fear of words or lack of instinct has me crippled ?
when did obvious feelings become so hard to describe
how will thoughts break the ground if so scattered
uncaring towards flaws or judgements "

Change is inevitable. But I had never imagined it could be felt so strongly. Like a sudden growth spurt , only deeper.

Biggest experiences in the past void months :
Passage, 18 to 19 teaches you a lot along the way ...
Acceptance is not the reward for silence or patience but small letdowns here and there.
Bottling up emotions only makes you more vulnerable
Maturity is ONE BIG WORD !
Making the wrong choices is a part of who we are and sometimes you have to sell yourself short.
Spontaneity is what makes life so interesting !

I'm back and back for good !! I can probably write endlessly but I'm still deciding whether to click that bright orange Publish Post button that's all for now.
I'm sure you guys will stick around . Thanks for putting up with me :)

~Vidhi :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


My life these days is not boring , it's more than just Boring - it's simply Nothing.

There's nothing left on my PC. My Hard Disc crashed.
I'm writing Nothing. I'm reading Nothing. (Twilight doesn't count)
There's nothing on TV.

"Not" rules my
I'm Not going out.
I'm Not attending any lectures at college since... ( this could get me into trouble)
I'm Not blogging.
I'm Not pretending that I'm just so glad that monsoon's almost over.
I did Not watch the last episode of True Blood.
I could Not stay up till late watching 30 days of Night (which I wanted to watch so badly).
I'm Not reading any fan-fics.
I'm Not pestering my mum that often.
I'm Not able to stop sulking about my dead Hard Disc.
I can Not wait for New Moon any longer.
I'm Not wasting time doing anything cos I'm doing Nothing.
And as usual, I'm Not able to come up with something meaningful ....